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Cohiba Atmosphere Lounges

The Cohiba Atmosphere series of upmarket smoking lounges are exclusive venues for people who love to smoke Cuban cigars. They offer something a little bit different from the norm, with nods to Cuba’s most iconic Cigar brand: Cohiba. The Cohiba Atmospheres are not, however, limited to Cohiba cigars and do carry a full range of Habanos products, including all the major Cuban brands. 

The Cohiba Atmosphere is a unique concept that offers an exclusive experience in an elite atmosphere. There are public and private lounge areas, a bar, and private meeting rooms.

Cohiba Atmospheres are opening up around the world. The first lounge was opened in Tokyo in 2007 and the latest lounge to open in 2019 is in Kuala Lumpur.  Other cities with a Cohiba Atmosphere include Shanghai, Pudong, Bangkok, Sofia, Prague and Havana.  

So what can you expect when visiting a Cohiba Atmosphere lounge? 

The Cohiba Atmosphere, Havana,  was opened in 2017 and provides a good example of the high standards that Cohiba Atmospheres around the world all adhere to. The lounge has been thoughtfully designed to highlight Cohiba and its line extensions in its different areas. In the Línea Clásica area, there are ornate white leather couches and chairs in a Louis XIV style. The Siglo, or Línea 1492, section has bright yellow, more modern style furniture, and the section attributed to the Maduro 5 line has couches and chairs in soft brown leather. The VIP lounge and meeting room upstairs represents the Cohiba Behike line, with black leather couches and chairs with silver lamps and ashtrays.

There is a large walk-in humidor that is stocked with all the major Habanos brands. Each cigar can be purchased as singles to be enjoyed at the club. As these are high-end clubs, all Cohiba Atmospheres have bars stocked with top of the range drinks allowing customers to enjoy quality pairings with their chosen cigar. 

Since their launch in 2007, the Cohiba Atmosphere lounges have proved to be a success and we will hopefully see more of these prestigious lounges opening up in the future. Visit a Cohiba Atmosphere if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the chosen cities or seek one out on your travels.  Let us know how you found the experience!

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