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Cuban Regional Edition Cigars

What are Regional Edition Cigars? 

Every year, Habanos S.A. release a series of exclusive Cuban cigars for specific regional markets. These Regional Edition Cigars are limited edition runs of special Cuban cigars which can be new cigars or existing cigars mixed with a touch of innovation. Cigar lovers should note that on the whole, these Regional Edition Cigars are excellent and produce a sensational smoking experience. What’s more, they are known amongst Cuban Cigar aficionados to age particularly well. 

UK Regional Cigars

Regional editions have been released in countries across the world including an impressive array of UK Regional Cigars. The most recent UK Regional Cigars are the slender El Rey Del Mundo La Reina Cigar (2018) – a Laguito No.1 size that comes in a box of 24 cigars, and the large-sized Juan Lopez Seleccion Superba Cigar (2016) – a Torre Iznaga size, that comes in a box of 10.  

A product well worth mentioning is the handcrafted Ramon Allones 225 Humidor.  Created to mark the 225th anniversary of Hunters & Frankau, it contains 100 25 Ramon Allones Hunters & Frankau Aniversario 225 cigars (2015), which have been carefully stored for 2 years to fully mature before their release.

Ramon Allones 225 Humidor

Here’s the full range of UK Regional Cigars released to date:

All Regional Cigars are available to purchase for about 2 years after their release. Habanos S.A can then choose to take editions to regular production for the broader world market or discontinue the production. Limited production UK Regional Cigars as well as those that go into general production after proving popular in the UK market, are available to buy here

Collecting Regional Edition Cigars

The Regional Edition Cigars are a much-desired collector’s item due to their low production quantities coupled with the fact that they continue to age impressively. They also come with a custom band that states the year and region of production, adding to their collectability credentials. 

Although these Regional Edition Cigars can prove to be more expensive than your average Cuban cigar, they are well worth a try to see if they display the characteristics you look for in your smoke. If you find one you like, they can be a sound investment as not only do they age well, they tend to increase in value due to their limited availability. 

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