EP Carrillo

EP Carrillo is proving to be a viable new cigar brand in a market place usually dominated by the big name, time-honoured brands. It has become a real player in the cigar industry while other small cigar start-ups have fallen by the wayside and failed to capture a significant market. 

How it all began

The leading force behind EP Carrillo is Master Blender Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, who is from a great tobacco family that started with his grandfather rolling and selling penny cigars in the streets of Havana in the early 1900s. His father (and namesake) Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Senior, worked as a tobacco buyer before purchasing El Credito – a small cigar factory in Cuba in 1948. A young Ernesto would spend hours with his father in the tobacco fields in Cuba’s prime growing region, the Vuelta Abajo and today, Ernesto gives credit to his father for teaching him most of what he knows about cigars. 

At the same time as his father’s El Credito factory was thriving, so too was his father’s political career and he was elected to the senate in 1954 and 1958.  But when the Cuban Revolution gained control, the family fled to Miami due to their political beliefs, and they lost the factory. 

In 1961, continuing with his success in the tobacco industry,  Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Senior opened the El Credito cigar factory in Miami which was eventually famed for the La Gloria Cubana brand. When his father passed away in 1980, Ernesto took control of the business. 

El Credito grew steadily and during the 1990s, the popularity of cigars in the United States escalated seeing the company’s La Gloria Cubana brand became one of the hottest cigars in the world. In 1999, Swedish Match purchased El Credito from the Perez-Carrillo family with Ernesto remaining as President and Cigar Master.  Ten years later in 2009, Ernesto decided to leave the company to set up his own venture with his daughter Lisette and son Ernesto. They successfully launched E.P. Carrillo and are once again following the family tradition of running a small and controlled production line while maintaining quality and consistency. 

E.P Carrillo Encore Majestic: The best cigar of the year, 2018

The company’s big success came last year with the Encore Majestic Cigar voted the best cigar of the year, 2018 by the Cigar Aficionado magazine. The cigar perfectly reflects Ernesto’s genius Master Blender skills and is made with tobacco from three regions of Nicaragua: Esteli, Condega and Jalapa. 

Click here to buy the EP Carrillo Encore Majestic and experience this elegant and refined Robusto cigar for yourself. 

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