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Essential items for cigar smokers  

Smoking cigars, like all pastimes, requires a kit of essential accessories to aid the smoking experience and to make it even more enjoyable. As a cigar smoker, you enjoy the finer things in life such a taking the time to savour the taste of a premium cigar. The accessories you buy to complement cigar-smoking should, therefore, reflect the quality of the cigars you enjoy. Buying a cigar accessory is a long term investment so it is well worth choosing a quality item that will last and be reliable and effective. 

Here’s a summary of essential items that all regular cigar smokers need to own to help make the enjoyment of a good cigar even better. 

Lighting the cigar 

Lighting the cigar is part of the ritual of the cigar smoking experience and requires a different type of lighter than those used by cigarette smokers. Some cigar aficionados will only light up with a long, untreated match while others prefer the more modern and efficient torch lighter. 

Aside from choosing quality, you should go for a torch lighter that works best for the size of the cigar you prefer to smoke. Single jet lighters are good for small ring cigars and 5 flame lighter will be better for the biggest ringed cigars. There are lighters from 1 to 5 flames to choose from so take the time to consider which best suits your cigar smoking preferences. 

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Making the Cut

Avoid the disappointment of a badly cut cigar, ruined by a cheap cigar cutter. Instead, invest in a stainless-steel cigar cutter that you can rely on to perfectly cut your much-anticipated premium cigar. A popular choice amongst cigar smokers is the double-bladed guillotine which has an easy to use two-finger action. Single blade guillotines approach the cut from one side only but do feel more solid. Whichever type is your cigar cutter of choice, take the time to try them out before you decide. Once you know which works best for you, browse here for the perfect addition to your cigar essentials kit. 

Carrying your cigars

Cigars are delicate so you’ll need a safe and secure way to transport them when carrying them around in your pocket, briefcase or overnight bag. Available in a range of sizes to carry 2 to 4 cigars, your choice of cigar case will largely be dictated by colour choice and whether you want leather, wood or metal.  

Catching the ash

If you’ll be smoking your cigars in the comfort of your home then you’ll need a suitable ashtray. A standard cigarette ashtray won’t suffice as you’ll need one that allows you to rest your cigar and that is big enough to catch all the ash. An ashtray is a more basic requirement in your cigar smoking kit list and although the quality isn’t a top priority, it is always nice to have a good looking yet functional ashtray to use when you want to sit back and enjoy that long-awaited cigar.  

Storing your cigars

If you’re really serious about your cigar smoking pastime, you’ll be wanting to build your cigar collection. It’s imperative that they’re stored properly in optimum conditions and for this, a humidor is invaluable.  A humidor is a humidity-controlled box used to store cigars and tobacco. It can also be a cabinet or even a walk-in room but for starters a box humidor is ideal. Click here to browse our range of quality humidors that store between 20 and 200 cigars. There are even travel humidors for 10 to 20 cigars so that you can take your cigars with you on your travels. 


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