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March’s cigar of the month: Ramon Allones

Regal Cigars stock a large variety of the biggest cigar brands from Cuba and other leading cigar producing countries such as the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. This month in March, the brand of the month is Ramon Allones Cigars which are enjoyed by cigar aficionados throughout the world because of their great taste and quality. We look into this smaller Cuban cigar brand, its history and the selection of the brand’s cigars available to buy here on Regal Cigars. 

The history of Ramon Allones Cigars

The brand was founded by brothers Ramon and Antonia Allones in 1837. It went through several ownership changes and in 1927 it was moved to the Partagas factory where it continues to be made today. It was a very popular brand throughout the early 1900s, especially in the UK where there were 62 different sizes to choose from. By 1957, the Ramon Allones selection had been reduced to 10 sizes and today, there are just 3 that are regularly made. They are strong cigars made with tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region,  making them a firm favourite among aficionados of Cuban cigars. 

Ramon Allones was considered to be an innovator tobacconist. He was the first to decorate the cigar boxes on the inside, which have made the boxes much appreciated by collectors. He was also the innovator of the 25 cigar boxes, which have become irreplaceable in the tobacco industry today. 

Ramon Allones cigars’ characteristics

Ramon Allones cigars are well respected by Cuban cigar connoisseurs worldwide. They are full-bodied cigars, with deep and complex flavours. The cigars’ characteristics include dark wrappers,  good construction, perfect burning qualities, and a rich full flavour with satisfying aromas.

Our range of Ramon Allones cigars

Regal Cigars stocks 3 Ramon Allones cigars as well as the exclusive Ramon Allones 225 Humidor that contains 4 cabinets of 25 Ramon Allones H&F cigars.

If you haven’t yet tried a Ramon Allones cigar, take the plunge and choose one from our range.

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