Our 5 favourite cigar scenes in movies 

Cigar enthusiasts love seeing their favourite movie stars lighting up a cigar on screen, although it is seen less often in recent years due to the fact that Hollywood is no longer allowed to glamorize smoking on film. 

Cigars were first used in movies during the 1930s and 1940s which were the glory days of gangster films. The use of cigars on screen grew in popularity during the 1960s right through to the 2000s and even more recently with some truly iconic movie characters seen lighting up.  

Cigars are used in films as signature props for character development. Cigar smoking helps to define a character and depending on the context can be used to convey seduction or to portray power, status and wealth. 

There are many classic cigar scenes and far too many to mention here, so we’ve compiled 5 of our favourites. 

  • A Fistful of Dollars (1964)

A Fistful of Dollars introduced audiences to Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name and was followed by 2 sequels (For a Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)  with the same character. There are many scenes where this deadly gunslinger of few words, quietly enjoys a cigar. 

  • Scarface (1983)

Drug kingpin Tony Montana portrayed by Al Pacino in Scarface is memorable and classic and is seen to indulge in all manners of extravagances, including cigars. The Montana character is shown to evolve quickly, from refugee to petty criminal, to aggressive up-and-comer, to Scarface. The Tony Montana character puffs away on a large and luxurious cigar during an iconic scene of ranting about his life issues whilst in a drunken and philosophical mood.


  • Predator (1987)

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s larger than life ‘Dutch’ character in Predator is cool enough to fire up a cigar as he choppers into a war zone. In fact, Dutch is seen smoking a cigar in almost half of the movie! Arnold is a proud cigar connoisseur off-screen as well and often likes to talk about his love and knowledge of cigar smoking. One of his favourite Cuban cigar brands is reported to be Punch Punch. 

  • Independence Day (1996)

Wills Smith’s alien-nuking character Colonel Steven Hiller depicts an example of cigar smoking being used to celebrate. Not any old celebration mind you such as a wedding, christening or a new job. In Independence Day,  Colonel Steven Hiller fires up a cigar following a successful brawl with an alien. The scene sees Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum’s characters enjoying a well-earned cigar in space onboard the alien’s mothership.

  • Wolverine (2013)

Logan (Wolverine) is seen chomping on a cigar in several scenes throughout the Wolverine franchise. Hugh Jackman has embedded his character in our memories which includes his trademark cigar. In one scene, Wolverine is seen lighting up before he gets into a large battle. Why the Wolverine character smokes cigars is a mystery but one theory is that it helps block out other smells that can overwhelm him due to his heightened sense of smell. And what better way to do that than with a delicious tasting, fragrant cigar? 

Cigars have been used over the years in a range of different movies and often portray cigar smokers in a certain light. You don’t need to be wealthy, powerful or a hero to light up your favourite cigar, however, and people enjoy smoking cigars in everyday life for a range of reasons. 

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