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Pairing cigars and drinks

Cigar smokers have always liked to pair cigars with various drinks, most notably brandy and whisky. Other popular drinks to pair with cigars are coffee, wine and even some beers. 

So what’s the secret to ensuring you pair your cigar with the right drink? It’s all down to your natural tasting abilities and your palate telling you what is right for you. It’s like selecting a sauce to go with your steak or a wine to go with your meal. The more you use your sense of taste, the more refined it becomes. The main consideration when pairing a cigar and a drink is to not allow the drink to dominate the cigar and vice versa; they should rather complement each other. 

Some classic drink pairings with cigars are single malt whisky, cognac, bourbon, rum, rye, and port. Most white spirits such as gin and vodka don’t work as well because the cigar will overpower the drink. Red wine and certain beers such as craft beers can also be nicely paired with a cigar.  

And last but not least, there is coffee – certainly a popular drink to pair with a cigar. Coffee and cigars have a great relationship; both being commonly grown in the same areas where the soil conditions and climate create flavours with earthy tones. 

Here are a few tips to help with your cigar and drink pairing.

Firstly it is very important to match the body of the drink to the body of the cigar. If you are smoking a light-bodied or mild cigar such as ???????? then opt for a young red wine or a blended scotch.  If wine and spirits aren’t for you, then craft beer and even some cocktails (such as those that include coffee and Irish cream) make for good pairing options. Mild cigars also pair well with a light roast coffee as they won’t overpower each other. 

For medium-bodied cigars such as ???????, try pairing it with a Lowland whisky, Irish whisky, rum, bourbon or port.

Full-bodied cigars such as ????????? match well will a heavier single malt or a full-bodied espresso coffee.

These are just some guidelines to help you find the right pairings but essentially, your personal taste is the final judge as to what will work and what won’t work when finding your perfect combination. Everyone’s palate is different and it’s important to find what you enjoy and run with it. 

Have fun testing out the different cigar and drink combinations and develop your own perfect pairings. Click here for a comprehensive range of cigars to try during your pairings.

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