Cuban Limited Editions

The Cuban Edicion Limitada series introduces few popular brands every year under this category. Early this year Cuba introduced Limited Edition 2019 line up. Montecristo Supremos EL, Quai D’Orsay Senadores and Allones Belicosos No. 2 has ceremoniously been selected for this famed Cuban title.

Habanos S.A announced Quai d’Orsay for the Limited Edition category 2019. At 8pm, on 12th September 2019 marks the premiere launch of Quai d’ Orsay for the french markets.. Marta Chacon, Co-SEO for Coprova was pleased to introduce Quai d’ Orsay to the Limited Edition. Senadores cepo 48, is a 6.18 inches striking Hermosos design presented in exclusive 25 piece.

Montecristo has once again been chosen as a Limited Edition. On 6th July the handmade Montecristo Supremo became the first Cuban EL to enter the Italian markets. Presented in a bright yellow box of 25, with a 55 RG and 5.1/8 inches.

Ramon Allones No. 2 gathers exceptional attention for the green box that garners 10 relevated Allone cigars. Allones No. 2 from Ramon Allones is a handsome belicoso 5 ½ inches tall.This 52 RG Campana

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