Dokha Tobacco

The Arabian originated Dokha in the 15th century is a fine mix of herbs and spices. Most noteworthy, is that unlike galyan, dokha is not actually cured with molasses. This brand has been in use since 500 years. Furthermore, dokha traditionally consists of dried and ground tobacco leaves amalgamated with fresh herbs, aromatic spices, dried flowers, and fresh fruits. Even more, the use of dried bark and leaves of native plants in this product generates the taste that enthusiasts admire in their smoke.

Likewise, dokha is the only product that is most famed in the gulf countries and in middle eastern countries. Consequently, the sun dried dokha is usually smoked from an Arabic pipe medwakh. These pipes are most exclusively used for smoking the tobacco products.

Above all, you would like this blend as the amount of smoke inhaled much less in comparison to the other. The dokha tobacco is a fire cured 100% pure Arabic tobacco that is a choice of every tobacconist. The color maintained in preparing this product is a natural green color of the plants.

If you have just a few minutes to spare, you can relax and enjoy your smoke to the fullest due to the fact that it is easy to fill and smoke. Get a quick smoke from the medwakh and keep yourself warm during the winter snow. Similarly, you could do with a pipe filter when smoking dokha tobacco. Also, no chemical additives are found in this product.

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