Oliver Twist Chewing Tobacco

Since 1974, the brand name of Oliver Twist chewing tobacco has been rising to make it’s way to the top list of tobacco brands. It’s products manufactures it’s products at the house of Oliver Twist of Odense, Denmark. Like the name suggests, it is not chewed. Although the product is left between the lip and gum to be absorbed through the mouth. Most importantly, the pallets of this smokeless tobacco are small. Approximately 1cm by 5cm are made out of a single leaf. This makes it easier to carry them around in your jackets. Further, the original taste of the tobacco is spicy and smoky with flavoured and genuine English liqorice.

The chewing tobacco is enjoyed for almost an hour before finally being removed. Consequently, an average amount of 5mg nicotine is added to each pack of smokeless tobacco pellet and is released during the use.

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