Snus and chewing tobacco
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Snus and chewing tobacco

Chewable tobacco products have been around since the 18th century and are still a popular smokeless nicotine alternative today.  The Swedish smokeless tobacco product, snus, is a chewing tobacco product that is only sold in Sweden. In the rest of Europe and North America, a similar smokeless tobacco product is produced and sold, called chewing tobacco which is available in a loose form or in sachets or bags called Chew Bags.

  • What is the difference between snus and chewing tobacco? 

The difference between Swedish snus and the chewing tobacco products produced in other countries lies in the way the tobacco leaves are prepared. Snus is traditionally made from ground, fine tobacco and chewing tobacco is cut meaning the tobacco pieces are bigger.  The effect of the nicotine is, however, the same. 

  • Why is chewing tobacco popular? 

Chewing tobacco is a smokeless and fireless product making it a convenient way to inhale nicotine. It is easy and light to carry and requires no additional accessories such as ashtrays, cutters, lighters and electronic cigarettes. It is a smokeless product so it can be used in public places without disturbing other people around you with smoke pollutants. 

  • What are Chew Bags?

Chewing tobacco can come in a loose format, or in small bags that contain between 0.5 and 1 gram of tobacco each, called Chew Bags. These Chew Bags have the appearance of snus portions, packed in sachets which are placed between the upper lip.  They come in either white portions which are dry on the surface with a moist content inside fora longer-lasting release of flavour and strength, or as brown original portions that produce a quicker and intense release of flavour and strength. 

  • How do you use Chew Bags? 

Chew bags are placed under the upper lip and left for anything from a few minutes up to several hours. Beginners will most likely start with a shorter amount of time and build up to leaving it for longer. The Chew Bags can be lightly chewed but there will also be a steady release of nicotine if the bag is not chewed and simply kept under the lip. 

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