The intriguing tale of Trinidad Cigars
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The intriguing tale of Trinidad Cigars

Trinidad cigars celebrated its 50th birthday last year but for most of its history, it was shrouded in mystery and secrecy which has led to much interest in this elusive brand amongst cigar enthusiasts. 

Trinidad cigars didn’t become widely known until the 1990s. They were originally made in one size only (7 ½” and a 38 ring gauge) and were not made to be sold. Their intended use was to be given out as gifts by Fidel Castro. They became known in 1992, after being mentioned briefly in Cigar Aficionado and at the time it was news to even those working in Cuba’s cigar industry, including executives at the government-run Cubatabaco. 

Referred to as Diplomatic Trinidads, the cigars came in plain cedar boxes of 100 and were not sold in stores. The first time they are known to have been sold was at a cigar industry dinner in 1994, now known as ‘The dinner of the century’ in Paris, where several boxes of the exclusive Trinidad cigars were auctioned off for charity for as much as $700 per cigar. 

In 1997, a box of the cigars were sold for the first time at a commercial auction at Christie’s in Geneva for $11,400 translating to approximately $456 per cigar at the time.

Trinidad cigars today

Finally, in 2004, three vitolas were launched to the market – Trinidad Coloniales, Trinidad Reyes and Trinidad Robusto extra. The range boomed and became a commercial success, largely due to the cigar’s unique vitolas with great aroma richness and exotic notes. Although the Robusto extra was later discontinued, the Trinidad Coloniales and Trinidad Reyes cigars continue to be best selling cigars and are available to buy on Regal Cigars.

Trinidad Reyes Cigar: The Trinidad Reyes Cigar is one of the best small-sized cigars around. This well-constructed cigar is well balanced and full of intense flavour. Click here to purchase.

Trinidad Coloniales Cigar: The Trinidad Coloniales Cigar is a very refined and well-balanced cigar which is smooth and creamy, with hints of coffee, cedar and light earth flavour. Click here to purchase. 

Trinidad cigars are certainly must try cigars for all. They age particularly well too so keep a few in the humidor. Other Trinidad Cigars available to buy at Regal Cigars are the Trinidad Fundadores and the Trinidad Vigia. Click here for the range.

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