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Which is the right cigar cutter for you?

All cigar aficionados will tell you that before you can enjoy a cigar, you first have to cut the end. That’s pretty commonly known, but what isn’t so commonly known is the different styles of cigar cutter you can get and various cuts you can achieve depending on your preference.

Here are some of the most common cigar cutters, all of which you can find from Xikar.


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The guillotine is basically designed to provide a straight cut along the bottom of the cigar. A double bladed guillotine style cutter will generally provide a clean, accurate cut which makes it a common choice among cigar lovers.

There are a variety of individual styles available, like these high quality Xikar Xi1 cutters for example, but the basic principle remains the same. There are also Xikar multi tool style cutters available for added convenience on the move.


As the name suggests, these are designed to punch a hole through the cap of the cigar through which to draw the smoke rather than cutting the cap clean off. When the hole is too small though, the smoke’s draw can be impeded and tar can build up, which can over time impede the taste of the cigar. That’s why it’s essential to make sure you’ve got a hole punch of the appropriate size.

If hole punches are your preference, Xikar Punch Cutters come in a range of different finishes to suit your personal taste. And, as with all Xikar Cigar Cutters, you’re assured of impeccable build quality and the right cut every time.

“V” cutters

Though they look similar to the guillotine style cutter, the “v” cutter, otherwise known as a wedge cutter, provides a different cut which takes doesn’t slice through the entire cap, instead it cutting a wedge. This means there is still plenty of draw available, but you don’t run the risk of damaging the cap.

Xikar offers a premium quality V cutter, the Xikar VX2 for those who prefer the V cut. It features an inverted stainless steel blade, for a reliable and clean cut without splitting or expanding the cap.

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